Keighley Boys' Grammar School

Famous Old Boys


The only one whom I recall who is still around is Professor Asa Briggs, he's a "Lord" and author of several books on Victorian England.

Herbert Butterfield, British historian and philosopher of history

Gordon Bottomley, poet and playwright

A reference to another old boy, Holmes SMITH, unknown to me previously, shows him to have been a Professor in Washington, around 60 years ago.

The cricket commentator and author Don Mosey

Author John Cardwell, who wrote Keighley A Pictorial History

Author Arnold Kellet, who wrote Yorkshire Dictionary

Author Ian Dewhirst, who wrote several books on Yorkshire
and who has/had a column in Keighley News

John Waddington-Feather, author.

Short stories:

Ira and the Lion

Ira and the Cycling Club Outing

The Tug-o-War Match


Dr Arthur Town, (1930s) who lectured at Cambridge University in Chemistry.

Professor Eric Pickering (1940s), who was Professor of Veterinary Science at Liverpool University.

Dr Fred Kidd (1930s) a renowned researcher into artificial fibres in the brush industry. Graduated at Cambridge University and lectured and researched at Leeds University.

Professor Ralph Maud, (1940s) Professor of English at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, B.C.

Wilson Midgley, (1920s) a well known journalist and broadcaster, edited "John o' London's Weekly" a national magazine in its time

Sir Bracewell Smith, (1900s) Lord Mayor of London 1946. Chairman of Arsenal Football Club, donated Cliffe Castle to the town.










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