Keighley Boys' Grammar School - Reunion 2012
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The Old Keighlians’ Reunion, the tenth since 1995, was held at the Keighley Rugby Union Football Club House, Skipton Road, Utley, between noon and late afternoon on Friday, 21 September 2012. The price of the buffet lunch was £17 per head. Thanks to Doug Thompson for organizing it. Forum entries here.

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Reunion 2012 2012Two Keiths and a 'Spike'David Seeley
Reunion 2012 2012Early Doors at The ClubhouseDavid Seeley
Reunion 2012 2012Jan Rotheram with Jean SpeakDavid Seeley
Reunion 2012 2012Keith Marsden with SpikeDavid Seeley
Two Victors 2012Keith & Derek David Seeley
Reunion 2012 2012Two Keiths TalkingDavid Seeley
Reunion 2012 2012David Kirkley and his Photgraph Display BooardsDavid Seeley
Reunion 2012 2012Paul Doug and BryanDavid Seeley
Reunion 2012 2012Denis and JohnDavid Seeley
Reunion 2012 2012Two SpikesDavid Seeley

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