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The Old Keighlians’ Reunion, the eighth since 1995, was held at the Keighley Rugby Union Football Club House, Skipton Road, Utley, between noon and late afternoon on Friday, 11 September 2009. The price of the buffet lunch was £15 per head. Thanks to Doug Thompson for organizing it. Forum entries here.

Doug’s piece for the Keighley News

Although Keighley Boys’ Grammar School effectively ceased to exist in the early nineteen-sixties, reunions of interested old boys were revived some sixteen years ago. The latest in this series took place at the Keighley RUFC club house on Friday, 11 September, when some fifty former pupils of the School (and in several cases, their spouses) gathered from far and near for a meal, to meet people not seen or known about for over fifty years and, of course, much reminiscing about the way things were fifty and more years ago. The Old Keighlians’ Association was disbanded a few decades back but interest in the School and in what happened to old school friends has apparently not diminished. This year’s meeting was notable in that among the participants were two couples from ‘Down Under’: Mr and Mrs Mike Nichols from Tasmania and Trevor and Gail Pickles from Geelong in Victoria. George ‘Spike’ Rannard, former Senior History Master at the School (1946-58) was again present, as he has been on most of the previous occasions, as also was Robert Bracken, a former Head Boy who, until this year, has been responsible for organising most of the past reunions. In addition to the biennial reunions, the group has other focal points, notably its own website, which was set up by Chris Firth in Singapore, originally for his late father, Colin (KBGS 1934-40), but which he has continued to manage in a most efficient and friendly way even after his father passed on. The website has 230 registered subscribers worldwide and clearly attracts many more casual visitors. It carries much of the school’s history and also maintains an ever-increasing number of interesting discussion threads on all manner of topics and is free to anyone, anywhere, who cares to join ( Periodically, ‘mini-reunions’ take place locally – the last one in early March of this year, at the ‘Old Silent Inn’ at Stanbury. These are usually set up informally via the website and, again, any former pupils of the School are made very welcome to come for a meal, a few drinks and a lot of chat. There are quite a number of old boys who subscribe to the Friends Reunited website but that has become so messy of late, so clearly aimed at much younger age-groups than the retired, that it hardly caters for the requirements of our particular constituency.

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Lunch 2009LunchAlec Jackson
Lunch 2009David N Milner and Robert Town seated at the table with Terry Marston and the back of Doug Thompson in the background.Alec Jackson
Denis Pickles & partner with John Smith 2009Denis Pickles & partner with John SmithDavid Seeley
Terry Marston with David Seeley 2009Terry Marston with David SeeleyDavid Seeley
Doug Thompson with Gill 2009Doug Thompson with GillDavid Seeley
Mike & Peter Nichols 2009Mike & Peter NicholsDavid Seeley
Bob Bracken & Derek Lee 2009Bob Bracken & Derek LeeDavid Seeley
Rose Cottage Ground 2009Rose Cottage GroundDavid Seeley
Group photographers caught in the act 2009Group photographers caught in the actDavid Seeley
Arthur Seeley & Mary McDowell 2009Arthur Seeley & Mary McDowellDavid Seeley

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