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Was held in the KRUFC clubhouse on Friday Sep 9 2005 at noon for a buffet lunch at 1.00 p.m. The cost was £11.75. Thanks to Robert Bracken for organizing it, and to David Baldwin for the report below.

Brief Report

It was like a time-warp when, an 87 year-old, 'Spike' Rannard walked through the door with his son, John. 'Spike' didn't look much different from the days in 1959 when he taught me 'Ancient History' in '1A' from the pages of 'From Ur to Rome', whilst 'Young Spike' was a little older (and slightly rounder) than when he left KBGS in 1963, but he was still recognisable.

The saddest part of the day was the fact that, despite the numerous 'Old Boys' who post on this site, only three of us turned-up for the 'Reunion' and, whilst older Old Boys had travelled from various parts of the country, I think that had there been a prize for the person who had travelled greatest distance to attend then it would certainly have gone to Geoff Walker who made it up to KRUFC from London. There was a great feeling of camaraderie throughout the day despite the vast majority of Old Boys appearing to be octogenarians and I would urge every KBGS Old Boy to attend the next Reunion in two years time.

Before sitting-down to lunch a 'photo-call' was arranged which took me back to my first 'Panorama' in 1960. As the 'official' photographer on the day, it dawned on me just what a horrendous job it must have been getting so many 'lads' to focus on the camera. You'd have thought that after so many years everyone would have realised that if they couldn't see me then they wouldn't appear on the photograph. Despite numerous requests for 'the tallest to the back, shortest in front', the so-called 'crème-de-la-crème couldn't even manage to 'sort' themselves into the requested height-defined rows! The photographer's job is not a happy one so in the end I gave up and took three before the 'inmates' became too restless and a near riot was averted. They get worse with age!

Or was it back to school again (for the three hours we spent together?) with the years rolling-back to the days when we were 'penned' like sheep in the school yard watching the world go by along North and Alice Streets at 'break'? I don't know who he was, but one chap (taking great glee and looking like an impish 11 year-old) attempted to sit on a bench in front of everyone else, effectively taking-up most of the photograph, until he was persuaded to join the rest of the gathered clan.

As we returned to the clubhouse, as if it had been planned, Jubilee 'Leander' steamed past northwards at the head of a 'steam special' over the 'Settle-Carlise' once again evoking those memories of 'train-spotting' and 'Railway Society' trips to the once-great steam sheds and works that formed an integral part of my years at KBGS.

A most enjoyable buffet lunch was provided by the staff of the Club and was appreciated by all present. Friendships were renewed and numerous envelopes of photographs were opened and shown around and Joe McDowell has agreed to let me borrow his to scan for the web site.

Could I ask anyone else who was there, and those of you who were not, to do your best to get any photographs that you might have to Chris Firth so that they can be published. If you can't scan them yourselves then (as long as you live near to Keighley) I'd be pleased to scan them for you. As 'closing time' came around everyone started to drift away looking forward to the next Reunion in two years. It would be great if, as I've already commented, those of you who 'post' on this Forum could make it to the next reunion.

An all-too-brief (but enjoyable) encounter.

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In the foyer 2005Dave Cullen, Terry Marston, Geoff Walker, 'Spike' Rannard and his son, John in the foyer of the clubhouse.David Baldwin?
Lunch 20052005 reunion was held in the KRUFC clubhouse on Friday Sep 9 2005 at noon for a buffet lunch at 1.00 p.m. The cost was £11.75.David Baldwin?
"Panorama 2005" 2005"Panorama 2005"David Baldwin?
Form 5B 1945-50 reunion at the Dog & Gun 2005Form 5B 1945-50 reunion at the Dog & Gun, Glusburn, July 2005David Seeley

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